John Morgan, Morgan & Morgan Champions Legalized Marijuana In Florida

In 2020, Orlando attorney John Morgan is going to bat for legalized marijuana in Florida.

Responding to state lawmakers, Morgan will push to put recreational legalization of marijuana on the 2020 ballot. And leading Daytona digital marketing agency, Web Daytona, is in full support of this project.

Join us, today, as we take a closer look at Florida’s medical marijuana laws, and the local government’s highs and lows in bringing it to local residents.

Legalized marijuana in Florida – The Story So Far

As with many other American states, Florida’s history with marijuana is long and complicated. It’s been illegal for longer than many have been alive, and decriminalizing it is a central issue every election season.

Starting in the early 1930s, statewide restrictions made it illegal to own, use or purchase in any form.

Marijuana remained completely illegal until 2014. To clarify, on March 20, the Florida House of Representatives Budget Committee passed a new measure. This limited prosecutors’ ability to prosecute anyone in possession of cannabis oil with more than 15% of cannabidiol (CBD) and less than 0.5% THC.

Then, in 2016, Florida voters scored a major victory in the fight to legalize marijuana in the state. The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Amendment 2, made medicinal marijuana legal. The intention behind this move was to help residents manage their pain from medical conditions. Ailments on the list ranged from ALS and Parkinson’s disease to cancer, epilepsy, and chrons diseases.

Where Are We Now?

2020 has long been seen as the year recreational weed is most likely to make its way to Florida. With more states following suit each year, and with supporters like John Morgan championing it, it’s looking more likely now than ever.

The impression many local residents have gotten is that the state is dragging its heels on an issue that’s already been voted in.

Morgan, in response to these holdups, has publically committed himself to a 2020 campaign to put recreational marijuana on the ballot, as well. Morgan has a history with this issue, having funded the statewide petition drive for the medical marijuana amendment in 2016.

On Morgan’s Facebook, he issued an open challenge to Florida governor: “‪You’re wasting taxpayer dollars fighting them for what they voted for!‬

2020 And Legalized Marijuana In Florida

2020 has long been seen as the year recreational weed is most likely to make its way to Florida. With more American states following suite each year, and supporters like John Morgan, it’s looking more likely now than ever.

Local residents and local businesses have already raised their voices in support of the move. Due to their standing within this community, leading Daytona Beach digital marketing agency, Web Daytona has announced their support for Morgan’s 2020 push. As a result, they will stand in solidarity with his company as they promote legalized marijuana in Florida.

Interested in learning more about Web Daytona’s projects, community involvement, and services? Check out some of our other insightful blog pieces, or get in touch with us today!

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