Your 2018 ReSEOlutions

…and here we are, again.

The New Year.

Almost a month into 2018, and the cement holding up your leaning tower of resolutions is already starting to look more like sun-dried scotch tape.

Don’t be embarrassed. It happens to literally everybody. By now, it’s a fact nobody who says they’re going to quit smoking, watch less of the Kardashians or eat more fibre for the new year will ever actually do it.

And, if they do, they’re superhumans and we should be studying their brains in a lab.

Because change is hard. And nobody wants a new year of working hard, when last year was already quite difficult enough, thankyouverymuch.

But what if we told you your New Year’s ReSEOlutions don’t have to be unattainable?

What if better SEO were a real life goal you could achieve, and you could see the results almost instantly?

SEO: Four Ways You’re Doing It Wrong

Surprise! Everything you thought you knew about SEO is incorrect, provided what you thought was that SEO was some mythical beast that was too difficult to tame.

Turns out, there are plenty of ways to start doing better SEO right away, and to see quick results.

Hire A Professional

SEO marketers have their own job title.

This is not by accident.

The job itself is actually quite labor-intensive. There are so many balls to keep in the air at once, from PPC plans to your analytics, design, architecture, and keyword research. It’s not the kind of thing you can “take care of” on your lunch break.

Most business owners are too busy budgeting, meeting clients, and netting profitable business to handle their SEO well.

Hire a digital marketing agency (ahem) to take care of your marketing, so that you’ll know it’s being done right.


It’s a design ethic as old as time.


No, not the band your dad liked before he met your mom. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

If you can make your point in a two-paragraph blog, why go for three? If your product description doesn’t need academic grade sentence structure, why make it more complicated?

One of the biggest priorities for most users is, surprise surprise, usability. And the quickest way to bump up your usability?

Keep it simple.

Don’t Cheat

Now, before you go getting any big ideas, there is such a thing as keeping things too simple.

If you’re looking at a bot account or some kind of “get-it-done-in-seconds” SEO solution and thinking “Well, this seems simple,” you’re in for a rude surprise.

Cutting corners with keyword farming is a classic example of a quick fix that doesn’t work. This is the act of pumping your content full of keywords that don’t even necessarily make sense to make it seem more valuable to search engines.

Search engines spot a website where the keyword density is 800% and immediately flag it as spam. If you get past their crawlers and they don’t blacklist your site now, they’ll do it soon enough.

They’ve had a long time to get good at spotting cheaters, and they do this hundreds of times every day. Trying to cheat your SEO is almost never worth it. If your solution seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t Ignore It

This is a fairly simple point, but try to treat SEO with the respect it deserves.

Many business owners shy away from SEO because it isn’t traditional marketing, but the truth is it’s been an industry staple for many years already.

And with good reason:

Stats show businesses with strong keywords in their name rank higher. Marketers report SEO strategies becoming more effective every year. Three-quarters of users using local searches visit stores within five miles of their location. This is all incredibly important information and can change the entire shape of your business.

The consensus is simple: it’s time to start loving SEO the way it loves you. That means keeping up to date with digital trends, watching for new opportunities, and using digital to complement your brand.

After all, after years helping businesses get more out of their online presence, it looks like SEO and digital marketing are probably here to stay.

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Gary Vela

Gary Vela

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