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Web Daytona is proud to announce our feature in’s 2019 Clutch Leader Awards for companies in Atlanta and Miami.

As Florida’s leading digital marketing agency for the last ten years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to online marketing for our clientele. Our innovative organic and paid marketing services have put hundreds of businesses at the top of their game.

And, while we don’t do this for the recognition, is one of the foremost publications on our digital radar.

The 2019 Clutch Leader Awards: Miami

In 2019, will be announcing top-performing companies in cities from the USA and overseas through India and Australia. Then, in December, the Platform will make an official announcement about the top performing businesses from around the world.

Web Daytona’s inclusion in the 2019 report goes a long way toward highlighting our space within the digital marketing arena. Here’s Ilse Heine, Senior Analyst for, on our featuring: “Web Daytona has demonstrated excellence in the digital marketing space. Only agencies in Miami who have gone the extra mile for their clients feature in Clutch’s top awards list. Web Daytona’s reviews speak clearly to the team’s expertise, ability to deliver strong results, and innovative approach.”

A Word From Web Daytona

Commenting on our feature, Web Daytona CEO Gary Vela had the following to say: “We’ve been doing this for over ten years and it feels good to be recognized on a national level like this.”

As Florida’s top digital marketers, Web Daytona has put our organic and paid marketing to good use with local businesses over the last decade. The list itself factors in recommendations from clients in the form of recent reviews, as well as market presence and work portfolio.

Web Daytona COO, Ako Stark added: “With hard work and our commitment to developing innovative strategies, we’ve helped thousands of businesses grow their digital footprints. This acknowledgment from one of our favorite business directories is a huge honor.”

Eyes On The Future

Web Daytona’s commitment to innovative, envelope-pushing digital marketing continues to be what sets us apart. Are you a Florida business looking for expert marketing in 2019? Discover the benefits of digital marketing from a leader in the industry: Web Daytona, where digital gets done.

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