Twitter Kills Off Third-Party App Features

  Twitter has restricted access to APIs, which effectively kills off certain key features in popular third-party apps. Most notably, third-party apps have lost the ability to deliver push notifications and refresh the timeline automatically. Unofficial Twitter apps can still send notifications to users, but they will now be delayed. In addition, refreshing the timeline

12th Annual SEMPO State of Search Results Released

  SEMPO has released the results of its 12th annual State of Search marketing survey, with industry insights for both marketers and agencies. Findings from the survey reveal that marketers appear to be moving more in-house; particularly with organic search and organic social channels. Agencies, on the other hand, are shifting more to paid search

Communicating Search to the C-Suite: From Rank to Revenue

  If growth is indeed everyone’s job within an organization, then everyone needs to understand the importance of search marketing. No other discipline has delivered growth in such a profitable and sustainable manner over the past decade. Google handles more than 1.3 trillion searches each year, 51 percent of all traffic to websites comes via organic

12 Steps for Conducting a Successful Social Media Audit

  A social media audit is equivalent to a marketing health and wellness check-up. It’s an opportunity to proactively check the vitals, DNA, circulation, deficiencies, activity levels of your social media efforts. Auditing the performance and outcome of your social media marketing gives insights on how your brand compares to the size, weight, reach and

Don’t miss proven & actionable tactics from Google and Bing

  Struggling to keep up with search algorithm updates, SERP features and evolving ad formats and platforms? It can be overwhelming. We have the solution. Get first-hand advice from Google and Bing at SMX® East, October 24-25 in NYC. Sofia, Jon, Frederic, Christi and David are ready to share actionable tactics and insights on how

LinkedIn to Integrate Groups into the Mobile App

  LinkedIn plans to bring Groups back to mobile by integrating the feature into its flagship app. Previously, LinkedIn offered a standalone Groups app for iOS. However, it was removed this past February. When LinkedIn removed the standalone Groups app the company announced it was looking into ways to merge it with the main app.

Twitter is Removing Accounts that Previously Tried to Avoid Suspension

  Twitter will soon be removing accounts belonging to individuals who have managed to avoid a prior suspension. In addition, Twitter will be suspending accounts that were previously suspended for abusive behavior. These actions will be permanent, as Twitter says the accounts in question will not be allowed to continue using the service. The company

13 Things Every CEO Needs to Understand About SEO

  Organic search engine optimization (SEO) has enough specialization and technical aspects that it can be overwhelming to the C-suite. Or, worse yet, over-simplified and thought to be something easy and that can be done quickly leading to unmet expectations. The mysterious nature of SEO can lead to misunderstanding and frustration for CEOs. Understanding the

Analysts say Amazon’s advertising business will surpass AWS by 2021

  For the past few years, Amazon’s ad business has often been talked about as a sleeping giant. Well, the giant is awake and ready to stretch out. Amazon’s advertising business is just getting going, say analysts. A note to investors from Piper Jaffray finds that advertising will surpass the company’s juggernaut cloud computing business.

Report: Traditional methods of personalization don’t work for millennials and Gen Z

  Want to connect with young people? Traditional means of personalizing ads to appeal to Gen Z and millennials are stale, according to new research from video platform VidMob. VidMob surveyed 1,000 16- to 24-year-olds (Gen Z) and 1,000 25- to 34-year-olds (millennials) about a number of issues related to how they act online, including