SEO Content Writing: Always Be Doing Better

In digital marketing, the more value you can create, the better your site looks to search engines. Different professionals will tell you different things about how to be more valuable. Some will tell you it’s all about staying ahead of the algorithms. Others will claim you’ve got to focus on good design. Some might even touch on content writing.

But content is king, and it’s gone a long time without the recognition it deserves.

If you’re writing better copy, you’re being more valuable. It’s a plain and simple fact. But what makes content “good”? And how do you use this to improve your website, overall?

Join us, today, as we find out.

Why Is SEO Content Writing Important?

The Internet’s a busy place. Statistics show there are more than one billion websites online to the day, and steadily climbing.

That’s a lot of other voices to compete with if you want your site to reach an audience.

Maybe you’ve got an e-commerce site. Maybe you’re spreading the word about a cause you believe in. Whatever the case, putting together some basic HTML and a short message on a server isn’t enough.

Think of it as shouting over a thousand other people for your next meal.

It’s loud in the cafeteria, and everyone’s yelling to be served first.

Seeing all this chaos, you might not even try to compete. Why bother? Everyone’s so loud, and you’ll get served eventually. Only the cafeteria keeps filling up, and the other people keep getting served ahead of you.

Or, alternatively, you might try to shout your head off, to just yell as loud as everyone else is. You raise your voice and start yelling and shouting and the sound gets completely drowned out because, well, everyone sounds the same. You’re all shouting, and there are new people shouting all the time.

You’re not standing out, so you’re getting looked over.

But, the more distinct you can make your voice, the better your chances will be of being heard. Anybody can shout – you need to do something as loud, but different.

So, why shout, when you can sing?

SEO: Get Ready To Find Your Singing Voice

Search engine optimized (SEO) website content writing relies on strategic keywords, making it technical and engaging. Words that bring in search results are important and have to be worked into each page on your website.

When someone searches for “potted plants” on Google, you want to make sure your website actually has the words “potted plants” somewhere in the copy.

But it’s about more than that. SEO marketing recognizes that search engines aren’t dumb. They recognize when people pepper keywords into their copy in a way that doesn’t make sense in natural English. Just writing “potted plants” 50 times over and over is spam, and Google will notice it.

You need to create authentic content. An article about potted plants that includes solutions, tips, and information. Insights. Things that create real value for the people reading them.

One of the immediate benefits of this is social. Creating content that matters will net you the validation of your readers, who will also grow to trust you as you continue to post similar content.

The controlled nature of these posts also allows you to stay relevant, by targeting fresh trends as and when you see fit. After all, who knows your audience better than you do? Identify industry trends as and when they develop, and you can use your content to set yourself apart as an authority in your field.

With the added authority comes lowered bounce rates, with fewer people clicking away to sites. After all, if they can get what they need from you, why bother with anybody else?

And, lest we lead you to believe it’s “only” about intangibles like social reach, content has a measurable impact on backlinks, as well. Without quality content, you’re less likely to garner a link from a professional website. And these backlinks form the backbone of any good SEO plan.

Create Something Better, Today

The phrase “Content is King” is old hat by now, but it’s a hat that fits.

Generic, boring, or plagiarized content might seem like an easy out for companies looking to save money, but the end result is never worth it.

Good SEO copy is transformative. The question is: are you ready to transform?

Get in touch, today, for more on our SEO content writing services, as well as our overall online marketing portfolio, and start being better, today.

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