36″x18″ SEO Mouse Pad

It’s no secret that, here at Web Daytona, we’re passionate about search engine optimization. With the power of local SEO, we’ve brought hundreds of clients to the first page of Google, increasing their web traffic and making them more competitive in their local industries. And, now, we’re bringing our insights to you, desk-first, with our official SEO Cheat Sheet Mouse Pad. SEO is an ongoing operation. It’s important to have everything you need, ready to go so you can make dynamic changes. And there are a lot of steps to take in your journey to local search engine optimization:

  • Is your website listed where it needs to be for any sort of visibility?
  • Are your pages fully optimized?
  • Are you putting out blogs?
  • Do you have enough content to keep up your output for the next year?
  • Have you properly implemented backlinking?
  • Are you sure you’ve optimized every page you need to on your site?

With our massive 35” x 16” SEO cheat sheet mousepad, we’ve put all of these answers (and a lot more) right there on your desk. Let’s take a closer look.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Local SEO

This jaw-dropping mousepad outlines the local SEO process from start to that all-important last cup of coffee. We’ve purposely gone into huge detail on every step, using a flowchart format so that you can start at the beginning and work your way all the way through. Simply follow the diagram, and you’ll be working your way through the local SEO process like a pro.

With each step locked down, you’ll be one step closer to a fully-realized local SEO plan. Building from local listings and optimization, you’ll tackle backlinking, blogging, industry directories, blogging, video output, branding and NAP citations. Not only that, but you’ll learn to do it in the right order for best results.  And not only that, but….

Download SEO Cheat Sheet Mouse Pad
Download SEO Cheat Sheet Mouse Pad
Black SEO Cheat Sheet Mouse Pad 26x18
Black SEO Cheat Sheet Mouse Pad 26x18

It Looks Great

Now, not to toot our own horns, but this design looks fantastic. With massive graphics, clear visuals and a bright, popping color scheme, the end result will turn your desk into a massive talking point. 

SEO and graphic design go hand-in-hand. That’s why we turned this guide to local SEO into our own personal passion project, with our designers putting in weeks of combined work to create something that really celebrates SEO.

Think of it as the best-looking, quickest-acting, no-nonsense solution to your local SEO needs, anywhere on the Internet. We designed this mat to bring you industry-insider information with a bright and colorful design. 

Want Your Own Branded SEO Cheat Sheet Mouse Pad?

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