The New Revolutionary Wi-Fi Call Button, Room8

Room8 Button

Meet The New Revolutionary Wi-Fi Call Button by Rachel Hemphill and Jorge Mejia

The Room8 Button, a WiFi call button device, is set to revolutionize the health and beauty industry. This device is already making its mark with caregivers, acupuncturists, and medical facilities. With improved Wi-Fi range, streamlined construction, and an affordable price, it’s easy to see why the health and beauty industries are falling in love with the Room8 call button.

This small, wireless, handheld button is given to a patient in treatment and, should they need something, they simply press it. The button sends a signal to an app on an attending healthcare provider’s mobile device. Then he or she knows the patient needs help.

The Room8 is different: it’s simple, easy to use, with minimal setup, straight out of the box. Since it is designed to work with any Apple or Android mobile phone, tablet, or smart watch, via existing WiFi network connections, it’s fast, secure, and reliable.

To use the Room8, all you need is a button, a mobile device, and WiFi. The Room8’s app can be configured to make an audible, silent, or vibrating alert.

Though the Room8 was developed by acupuncturists for patients’ safety, it has potential for being used in other industries. Industries such as spas, rehab centers, childcare facilities, and even the gaming industry.

Gary Vela, CEO of digital marketing agency, Web Daytona, said: “I can honestly say, after years in this industry, that I have never been as impressed with a device we’ve marketed as I am with the Room8 button. This is going to take the health and beauty industry by storm.”

With the Room8 button, all you need is a button, a mobile device, and a wireless network to get connected. From there, sending a notification that you need assistance is as easy as clicking a button.

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