What Are Local SEO Strategies?

While search engine optimization, or SEO, is a series of tactics and practices, they will likely not have their optimal effect unless they are guided by a strategy. Every business has its own goals, needs, and challenges, and that means its SEO plan has to be customized to meet them. This is especially true of local SEO, that while similar to general SEO, has nuances and differences.

At Web Daytona, we’ve got a proven track record of crafting customized, results-driven local SEO strategies that make a difference. We know that to rank someone on popular search engines is great, but we also know that marketing is a key factor, too. When it comes to a strong return on investment, SEO without a strong marketing strategy is not going to do too much. So,  the targeted traffic would ideally come from well-constructed content that incorporates specific keywords and focuses on converting the visitor. 

Auditing and analyzing

Often, the first step to developing a local SEO strategy is a full audit of your business’s existing web presence. This will help determine strengths and opportunities. Local SEO isn’t one-size-fits-all, so having a strong understanding of your business’s current standing is key to moving forward.

What strategies should include

What exactly makes up a local SEO strategy? This will largely depend on you and your business. But, as a basic rule, SEO agencies should focus on the money keywords, which are the keywords that drive traffic and bring in conversion. It’s best to focus more on qualified leads, rather than stuffing in as many keywords as possible. Local SEO strategies should also have some tactics around creating, claiming, and optimizing your local business listings like Google My Business.

Content is key

Every local SEO strategy should have a plan around content creation. Regularly churning out new, relevant, and quality content is key to boosting SEO rankings, so this is a main component of local SEO strategy. Additionally, the content should include the local keywords. For example, there’s a big difference between “family law attorney” and “family law attorney Orlando.” Including localized keywords in the content will be a crucial aspect.

Choose the right agency partner

When you select a local SEO agency, you’re essentially choosing a strategic partner. Make sure that you’ve done your research and reviewed the agency’s references and reviews. Since they will be creating and executing your business’s SEO plan, you’ll want to make sure they’re developing strategy with the end goal of results and increased sales. 

Case Studies

Exellent Service

I'm a perfectionist, especially when it comes to a web site that represents my business as well as my personal image. Gary Vela and the Daytona Internet Marketing team fully executed and delivered quality service and results. Gary is professional and trustworthy - a gem of integrity in today's world!

Very Professional

I’ve known Gary Vela since our college years more than 15 years ago, he has always been very professional, energetic, intuitive, personable, and dedicated to serve his clients. I would highly recommend Web Daytona for any digital marketing needs and more!

Always on time

I've worked with Web Daytona specifically the owner Gary. He is a young man with integrity, very personal and attentive to details. The first programming/web development project I gave him convinced me that I had found the web development company I was looking for in Volusia.