How To Write The Perfect TikTok Bio

how to write a perfect tiktok bio

Today, we’re going to walk through the different ways in which you can craft your TikTok username and get the most out of persuasive copywriting. So join us, as we put a new focus on the subtle art of choosing a user name, using one of three options, and creating something that truly works in your favor.

Your Business or Brand Name

Your first option is your most straightforward: simply use your business or brand name. This works particularly well if you’re already quite well known on different platforms or within your industry. It makes your TikTok an extension of the brand you’ve already created.

But, if you aren’t established yet and what you want is just to grow your influence, you can still opt to use your business and brand name. What’s important is that it’s the same exact same name across all of your other platforms and that it’s recognizable. You need unity tying everything together so nobody ever has to guess at how to find you.

Going Niche

Now the second option is using a niche name and this is basically putting yourself in a specific category and staking a claim for your own spot. Maybe you’re making a spin-off of the niche so that you stand out, a little more. Maybe the niche is exactly right for you and you just want a piece of that pie.

Either way, you’re going to want to know what you’re working with. Research other TikTok players within your niche and see what conventions they use with their naming. Include your profession, if that’s common, or use your initials if that is. Not everybody can a username that is just the name of the industry, but you could always specialize, adding detail about your clientele. You’re not going to get “writer”, for instance, but you might get “JGBurrows_Writer”, which could be just as good.

A Gimmick Name

Now, this last option is particularly powerful: a gimmick name. What a lot of people fail to understand when it comes to gimmicks is that the name doesn’t have to apply to their whole personality. You’re not creating a gimmick account, but having a little fun with your name, and that’s important because maintaining a whole online personality can be exhausting. And you’re just here to have fun and gain followers, right?

A gimmick name can be anything but many people choose to use it to describe a role they may play or even just a funny catchphrase. Something unique, often with its own special meaning within their lives or business industries.

Tying Your Gimmick To You

So the gimmick name is going to be something that is tied to your personality. Let’s take a look at a few examples. One of the first is a lady named Stephanie Lauer. She does health and fitness content on TikTok and actually provides different exercises for people to do, right there from her account.

She has over 7,000 followers and some of her videos have hit well over one hundred thousand views. Lauer is a great example of using your business or brand name to drive your TikTok following. In her bio, she also acknowledges that, on Instagram, she is known as Stephanie Lauer, with the same on Snapchat, as well. This is how she maintains unity among her social media profiles.

The next is a niche name. “Painting mania”. So, here, just from the name alone, we already know that they are a painter. And, at the very top, where the actual name, we see their actual name: Abby.

But it’s clear, here, that she didn’t want to make it a business or personal brand. She wanted to base her page off of her niche, instead, so calling it painting mania has worked out really well for her. She has over 12000 followers and her bio says “Just a girl who likes to paint”. You know what you’re going to get when you come to this profile.

Our last example is Uncle bubble gum, which s another gimmick name. He’s not really a business, per se, but it is a bit. Something he’s made up for TikTok, with a personality he maintains.

All three of these are options you can use in your own name, provided the goal is to bring in increased engagement with your profile. When starting from scratch, the thing to keep in mind is that, especially if you aren’t well known, your name is going to have to hit the ground running and bringing in visitors. It may help guide the algorithm along, and it may not. It may tell visitors exactly what you’re all about, even if they read about it in your bio. Or it may not.

Having an idea of what and who you are right from the first line of your profile gives search engines what they need to single you out for ranking, as well. Stephanie Lauer runs her fitness brand from her TikTok. If she used “Stephanie Lauer fitness”, it would set her apart within her industry. If the gimmick-named uncle bubble gum used a name like “Uncle bubble gum Doc skits” or “Uncle bubble gum comedy”, we’d have a similarly clear idea.

Growing Your Followers

When you’re first starting out, you’re trying to get past your first thousand followers. That’s the first milestone and it’s a big one, to be sure. It’s important to know that you can change it but more important to know how you can change it.

TikTok allows you to change your user name every 30 days. So, once you get on the platform and start posting videos, after 30 days you’ll be able to change your username again. And, when you change it, you can change it again in another 30 days and keep crafting it to really explain who you are and cater to your audience. You can change it again in another 30 days and every 30 days after that.

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A Closer Look

I’d like to take a minute, now, to introduce you to a concept about TikTok, directly related to how people are utilizing the bio. If you lived in a time before flip phones and social media apps, you might be familiar with the Yellow Pages. That big bulky book you’d get in the mail with the directory of all of the businesses you could ever imagine near you to solve your problems or provide services. At any point, you could look up what you needed in this book and find the business to provide it.

TikTok is like that in a lot of respects, and this is because many of the influencers utilize the bio for a CTA or “call to action”. The bio actually becomes one of the primary sources of information for their followers, being a centralized way to find out whatever you need to know. This also makes it a great way to redirect traffic to your profile and website. Find new people, then follow them on another major platform or in any direction that they (and you) want.

However, there is one big factor to consider, if you’re taking this course. More than likely, if you are in a growing state and you’re not quite at the point where you have all of the followers you need to gain real traction.

Here’s to get there by working engaging copy into your bio in order to be persuasive and lead people to follow what you say and do.

The Visuals

Let’s look at what it is that makes someone want to follow a TikTok account. The first thing is visual stimulation. This is simply being something that people enjoy looking at so that they’ll want to come back and experience your design, repeatedly.

You’ll also want to consider audio stimulation. Whether through music or comedic relief audio slices, skits, or just general comedic content, entertainment means a lot to people. Tap into that, learn how to trigger the release of dopamine in their brains, and keep them coming back to hear more of what you have to say.

Being Enticing

Another option is to work hard at triggering their curiosity, rather than their funny bone. People could easily want to follow you because there’s something about you that they can’t explain, but feel like they can relate to. Maybe there is something about you that just spikes their curiosity.

People may also want to follow you because you create value with your content. Think tutorials or inspirational videos. People like to learn. They need it, a lot of the time. You can give them value and help them along their own journey.

When you sign up for TikTok,  one of the first things they’ll do is to ask you, specifically, which topics you enjoy and are interested in. The net result is that your content will benefit from a psychological link to you, and the product you create will be more interesting for it.

Like dancing? People can tell by the way you talk about it. Love modeling? Models have a lot of luck on this platform. These are forms of visual stimulation, all with different topics translated into psychological triggers. It’s a big part of why people enjoy this app, so much – because we are so visual as a species, and that kind of content appeals to us.

Translate the reason why your people want to follow you in your bio in 80 characters or fewer. What I encourage you to do is to choose a reason why you think that people want to follow you. What is it you provide out of these possibilities? Are you more of a visual creator? Are you an audio creator or are you comedic relief? Are you relatable or curious? Can you add mystery or curiosity? Do you provide educational value or do you have a combination of any of these?

Creating That Bio

Now to translate this into your bio. Go to a thesaurus or dictionary and look up some words that describe your visual or audio stimulation or your comedic relief or education content. Try not to be too generic. You want to find words that are enticing, so go into this with that in mind. Use whatever sources you can to help you find these words and find words that ignite the sensory system – whether visual words or more auditory. Be creative and hit them where their senses are.

Once you have discovered your list of words, you want to think about what role you play on TikTok. Don’toverthink this: who are you on TikTok? It’s just describing what you do. Are you dancing? Acting? Singing or just fooling around? What are you and what are you doing? Are you a mom or an uncle?

Utilize the roles that you play on TikTok. Use what you’re portraying on TikTok. You can also think about what culture you might be translating to certain cultures and how you can play off of those words.

Overall, however, when you’re brainstorming, you’ll need to come up with something simple. Then, finally, you’ll want to come up with your call to action. So what is the reason you are putting yourself in the TikTok directory? Where do you want people to go? Do you want them to go to your website? Do you want them to follow you on Instagram? Are you trying to describe your Instagram following?

Whatever it is, you want to make sure that you have your call to action and place it in the bio. The last thing that I would recommend is to add a benefit that people can get from you. Can they download something from free or get a discount off of something? Offer them some sort of benefit so that it entices people even more to want to follow you.

Fun Wife Dance Mom: An Example

Let’s look at a few examples of highly engaging TikTok bios. First, we find one pristine example of an audio optimized bio, from 1996. Her new single, “Stay the way I left you”, is out now, and we get an idea that she’s definitely a musician. More specifically, she seems to love soul music.

1996 is speaking, actually, to her own relatability and it also piques curiosity. I don’t know if she was born in 1996 or if she loves soul music from 1996, but now I’m curious. And then her call to action is about her music and her single that is out now. So this is a good example of utilizing all of the necessities to pique curiosity and to make people look forward to what she has to offer.

Our next example is very simple. She uses the words “fun wife”, “dance mom”, and “your favorite model’s favorite model”. There’s a lot of great stuff going on here, with the first one being that she’s used emojis and a light, funny tone. She’s also descriptive about her roles: she’s a wife, she’s a dancing mom and she has something fun that showcases her personality and gives an idea that she likes modeling.

So there is a good idea here that she’s somebody who appeals to stay-at-home moms and wives who still want to look beautiful and be fit. And that is going to attract a very specific crowd.

The last one is actually a big account and they don’t need to put too much copy or text here to engage anyone. They’ve already grown to 1.4 million followers. I added them, here, to show you that utilizing benefits for your business works really well. Here, they offer free templates and they point to their website and the email where you can get that information.

TikTok Bio Ideas

Let’s throw a bunch of great TikTok bios at you to keep you covered no matter who you are. Remember, the point is to start with something good and then add to it and make it your own.

Music quotes: A great, fun idea with a lot of potential to make connections with your subscribers. Make sure you pick popular lyrics, however, and keep it short. “Let it be,” – The Beatles. “People fall in love in mysterious ways,” – Ed Sheeran. “Don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years,” – LL Cool Jay. Make it something hard-hitting, something short, and something that sticks with people.

Jokes: Be careful when it comes to jokes. These can be hit or miss, and often what works for one won’t work for others. Even puns, which have a pretty wide audience, can come across as “lame” or “stupid” and may drive people away. If it’s funny and there’s a real chance it hasn’t been overused anywhere before, however, feel free to try it.

And, now, onto the ideas:

I’m pretty cool. Global warming’s making me hotter, though.

Making history. Check back in when it’s the future.

Success: it’s what’s for dinner.

Problem-solving, social media guzzling, non-stop-traveling child of the world.

The simple life.

No regrets.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

It’s not always easy, but you have to keep trying.

She turned her can’t into cans and her dreams into plans

Life is what happens to you as you scroll through Instagram

Is it my fifteen minutes of fame, yet?

Express, not impress.

Some people are only alive because killing them is illegal.

Rack up smiles, no miles.

I wish Bob the Builder would fix my attitude.

The best of me is yet to come.

Wait, where am I? How did I get here?

Error 404: Bio not available.

One person’s #LOL is another’s #WTF.

I am known in the gym for my “before photo.”

I have to be funny because being hot is just not in the cards.

Now It’s Your Turn

So go ahead. It is your turn now to create your highly engaged TikTok bio.

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