How To Become a SEMrush Agency Partner 🚀

How To Become a SEMrush Agency Partner

Looking to become a SEMrush Agency Partner? Back in June 2020, we received an update from SEMrush about their new SEMrush Agency Partners Program, so naturally, we got really excited about the news. It is now October (five months later) when we noticed Web Daytona’s Agency Partners Profile with SEMRush was live. Here are some take aways from our experience, and we hope this can help you become one as well.

How To Become a SEMrush Agency Partner
How To Become a SEMrush Agency Partner

What is SEMrush Agency Partner?

SEMrush Agency Partners is an agency directory developed by SEMrush, Inc. a Boston company establish in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev. Its purpose is to list credible digital marketing and SEO agencies who use its intelligent data to improve their customers rankings and make educated data-driven decision.

Who is SEMrush Agency Partner for?

Agency Partners profiles are for skilled marketers who have excelled at helping their clients grow. They must also have been a part of the SEMrush community for a long period of time. As the length of time is not specified, from our experience, at least a year of consecutive membership.

Choose from Three Plan Options

To become and agency partner, you must first sign up for one of their service plans. There are three options to choose from: Pro, Guru, and Business, each with its own price tag. Pick the one that works for you, your business, and your budget, and you’re all signed up.

Taking a closer look, SEMrush’s three plans start with the Pro plan, which a great way for freelancers and startup marketers to have access to this powerful tool. Everything you need to get acquainted with the platform and start to see the real benefits of using it. Their second plan, Guru, starts at $199.95, and comes with historical data, branded reports and a nice content marketing platform. Their most expensive plan is their Business plan which comes with white level reports, API access Google data studio integration.

SEMrush plans & Pricing
SEMrush plans & Pricing

How to Apply to Become An Agency Partner

At the moment, there are 279 agencies listed. This Partner Directory is available to an exclusive small group of SEMrush agency customers only. If you are not yet a member, you may want to start by signing up for one of their plans, we recommend the SEMrush Guru Plan, as it give you more options and projects than their Pro Plan. Once you sign up, Log in to your account to see if you’re eligible. Alternatively, sign up to get notified when they expand their offering to a broader audience.

How can an Agency Partner Helpful to Others?

As an agency partner you can help clients or businesses with

What is included in the SEMrush Agency Partner Profile Page?

The profile page is broken into:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Number of employees
  • Year it was founded
  • About section
  • Minimum budget
  • Pricing model
  • Client size
  • Services
  • Industries
  • Languages
  • and Geo focus

How To Join SEMrush Agency Partner

Any questions? Just drop them a line at:


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