Food Brings Hope Local Charity: Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit of Underprivileged Children

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At Web Daytona, we’re proud of our values. We work hard. We strive to understand our clients. And, finally, we like to work with businesses and organizations that add value to the world around them.

That’s what makes local charity, Food Brings Hope such a special relationship for us.

A Little Background

Founded in 2007, local charity, Food Brings Hope is the brainchild of local businesswoman and philanthropist, Forough B. Hosseini. They are a charity with the primary goal of nutrition for schoolchildren in Volusia and Flager Counties.

Through after-school programs, they provide thousands of schoolchildren with nourishing meals. In addition to this service, the organization brings streamlined academic programs, and sporting and cultural opportunities to the table as well.

Children also have access to further education prep services, banking education, and even career route discovery courses.  “Collaborative solutions for families with children who experience hardships due to homelessness, poverty, or unfamiliarity with community resources” covers a huge, comprehensive range of services. Needless to say, we love everything about this.


But it’s their #VCan2020 project that really connected with us. With more than 2,000 children in schools in just these two states under threat of hunger and homelessness, the group has dedicated itself to eliminating youth hunger here by 2020.

Web Daytona is 100% in support of this pursuit and has dedicated the proceeds from our upcoming 2018 Cornhole Challenge to the Food Brings Hope charity.

Youth hunger and homelessness are issues that affect everybody. Because of this, projects like #VCan2020 often make the more significant difference in our communities. We’re excited to see where they progress to in the near future.

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