The Second Great American Gold Rush

In 1848 a carpenter by the name James Wilson Marshall made the discovery of a lifetime. While building a sawmill James saw speckles of gold in the river. Thus began the great American Gold Rush.

At the time the California territory had less than 1,000 non-native residents living in it. By the end of the gold rush, the non-native population exploded to over 350,000, all of them hoping to stake their claim on the land. The call of opportunity attracted people from around the world. They migrated to California to strike it rich. Some made their fortunes through mining the precious metal. Some weren’t so lucky and ended up in other jobs and industries that had sprouted in the area.

Welcome To The New Gold Rush

169 years later, and we are in the middle of the second Great American Gold Rush. This time around, though, it’s not gold that we are looking for. This time people are staking their claims on Google rankings and Facebook timelines.

There are billions of dollars worth of ideas on the internet. Buried beneath all the selfies and porn sites is a limitless opportunity. Much like the first Gold Rush, some people are striking it rich from these opportunities. Others are logging off, with little to no return for their efforts. The main difference between being one or the other is knowing how to go about it.

You can’t throw money at a computer and expect it to throw more money back. Like many people who never held a shovel that decided to try mining, you’re likely to spend more money than you are going to make getting started in the digital industry.

You have to be smart about where you invest your money. You need to optimize Pay-Per-Click Campaigns and target keywords to attract traffic. Let’s look at the first American Gold Rush for an example of how smart marketing brings in profits.

Do you know who dominated the gold rush when it came to profits? Surprisingly, it wasn’t the miners searching for gold. Most of them made modest but not large amounts of money from the venture. It was the people selling supplies to the miners. They saw the real opportunities of the Gold Rush, and took full advantage of them.

Let’s look at the first millionaire of California, Sam Brannan. Sam Brannan created hype about the Gold Rush with his newspaper The California Star. He then stocked his store with mining supplies and watched the profits flood in. It was estimated that Sam Brannan was averaging $5,000 a day. That was back in 1848. With inflation that $5,000 would be equal to $125,000 by today’s standards.

In many ways, the Second Gold Rush works by methods much the same as Sam Brannan’s. It’s not about going out to find gold. It’s in making that gold come to you. It’s creating hype around your service or product, and using that hype to bring in customers with Digital Marketing.

People have personalities that transfer to the web. They search for their interests and buy things related to those interests. By using strategies such as search engine optimization and Facebook marketing, you can attract potential customers to a product or service. In a way, you are mining their interests to get the best return on investments. Once you set up a successful campaign, you can watch as the sales flow in.

Now, we can’t all be Sam Brannan. However, we can hire Sam Brannans to work for us. What we mean by this is hiring a digital marketing company, such as Web Daytona. We can help you connect with your target market, the same way Sam Brannan got business to come to him. We can do the same work, for you today, that he did all those years ago.

  Contact us today for a consultation, and see how we can turn your company into a gold mine though digital marketing.

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