Digital Marketing For Hair Salon

There are a few things that Daytona Beach has plenty of. Hotels, Starbucks, and, yes, your little independent hair salon, as well. Being a tourist-heavy area, certain industries are more likely to prosper. It is great living in a town that allows you to follow your passions in this way.

And yet, it’s not all milk and honey, especially when you consider the competition. With so many businesses in one town, standing out can be a concern. Why should people go to your hair salon instead of another? How can people even find your hair salon, when there are ten other places fighting for an online presence?

The modern age is a time of digital dominance. Your skills with scissors and hairspray may keep your customers coming back, but these skills can only do as much as bringing them in, the first time around.

You need digital optimization. A website with proper SEO, a strong social media presence, and a little creativity can put you ahead of the competition.

But what does this mean for your business?

SEO, At A Glance

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

How good your SEO is will decide how easy you are to find on search engines. A high SEO score will get you on the first results page of Google. A low score, alternatively, will make you hard to find.

SEO consists of a few parts. These include optimizing your website and “placing” your company on other websites. The more websites your name comes up on, the more important you look to Google when it decides how to rank you.

Social Media is the other important SEO tool to getting noticed.

After all, why should anyone opt to visit your salon?

When they see your works of art on your Facebook and Instagram, the question answers itself. The power of social media goes even further than that, though. With a little aim and some investment of your time, you can boost posts to attract other new customers.

A boosted post is shown to a tightly-targeted audience. This ensures that people who see the post are more likely to come to you for their hair styling needs.

These tools used the right way, can transform you into the premier Daytona Beach Hair Salon.

Don’t have time to figure out digital marketing? At Web Daytona, we can guide you through the process and set up these campaigns for you. Schedule a consultation and learn all the ways our digital marketing strategies can help your business to grow.

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