Why You Need To Be First

Imagine this scenario. You are in a serious car wreck. You are okay though you have a fair share of scrapes and bruises. Your heart is racing and you’re in a slight amount of shock. You pick up your mobile and type in “Daytona Beach Car Accident Attorney”. A list of attorneys pop up and what do you do? Given your current state, you are likely not going to research each entry. In your current state, you are more likely to click one that looks promising and go with it.

 Now let’s change sides. You are the attorney behind those links. The problem is your website is on the second page. Is someone who went through an automobile accident going to go searching for you? Most likely not. Even without the stress and shock, most people don’t look past the front page. You are going to have to change that if you want your law firm to grow.

 How can you get your name on that front page to capture new clients?

  1. Search Engine Optimization: How do people get so high on Google rankings? Imagine Google is an airplane. Better yet imagine they are a passenger jet filled with customers. They are flying overhead and looking for a place to land. Are they going to land where someone is holding up a flashlight waving it back and forth? Of course not. They are going to land on the well-lit airstrip and go right by you. Google rankings are much the same. The websites with few keywords and links will get passed by. The website with lots of keywords and links are going to get Google’s attention. You can’t scatter keywords and links around though. That Google Airplane is not going to know where the landing strip is. Once again they will go right by you. These keywords need to have a target and the links need to be effective.
  2. Pay-Per-Click: Imagine now that your neighbor has a very attractive landing strip. You could build your own landing strip and hope that Google plane lands on yours. Another option is to pay to have a landing strip built on top of their landing strip. Pay-Per-Click ads are the ads you see on top of the Google listings. The top ad slot gets won through bidding against other companies. Depending on the company and demand the cost per click in a Pay-Per-Click campaign can be minor or major. While Pay-Per-Click campaigns cost money they can offer a serious return if optimized. Targeting the right keywords can get the right customers calling you. A Pay-Per-Click Campaign that is not optimized does the opposite. You are paying for people to view your website with potentially no interest in converting into clients.

 Both of these tactics combined will get you to the top of the listings. No one will have to search for you. They can enter “Daytona Beach Car Accident Attorney” and you will be right there ready to contact. The only question now is can you build an effective landing strip? Do you even have the time? While you are busy winning cases it might be better to let someone else work on your marketing. Set up effect Pay-Per-Click campaigns and an effective SEO strategy. We can handle getting new clients in while you handle the courtroom victories.

 To see what Web Daytona can do for your marketing contact us today. Our Digital Marketing For Attorneys help to make sure potential clients find you. Regardless if they are in shock or relaxing at home. 


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Gary Vela

Gary Vela

Digital marketer obsessed with ROI driven campaign and crafting solutions for clients worldwide.

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