What to Look for in a Social Media Influencer

What to Look for in a Social Media Influencer

A survey by Influencer Organizer Network discovered that nearly half of consumers depend on influencer recommendations for purchases. Another 40% have purchased something after seeing it used by an influencer on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Vine. As more brands invest in influencer marketing, it’s essential to understand how the influencers you choose to represent your

How to React to Your Customers on Social Media

Social Media

It’s no secret that enhancing social media engagement is a smart business tactic. But, have you considered your response to those interactions? According to The Manifest, consumers communicate with brands on social media through:  Liking their posts Leaving reviews Mentioning a brand on their own profile Direct messaging a brand on social media For each

How Ako Stark Saved The Rainforest With A Little Help From Monday.com

Ako Stark

For the last month, entrepreneur, Ako Stark has waged a one-man war on trees. This is his chilling tale of office-terrorism. As the new COO at Daytona Beach’s foremost digital marketing agency, Web Daytona, Ako’s in a new position that puts him in high demand. One that calls for a lot of cross-department coordination, careful scheduling,

How To Create A Digital Marketing Team Structure

How To Create A Digital Marketing

We know creating the ideal digital marketing team structure can be confusing, daunting, and complex. Not to mention, the structure of your digital marketing team can make or break the performance of your company. But after tackling our internal hiring process, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is the importance of having an established team structure

T-Mobile whips out a new secret weapon for customer service: Humans

In a T-Mobile online video, actor Rainn Wilson demonstrates the value of human agents.

In a T-Mobile online video, actor Rainn Wilson demonstrates the value of human agents. It was only a matter of time before the oldest kind of customer service became the latest thing.   This week, telco T-Mobile is launching a new kind of intelligent customer service that counters the move toward better, smarter and AI-powered

Report says Google to launch own smart display in time for holidays

  Out of more than 50 million Alexa devices sold, fewer than 500,000 have been the Echo Show, according to Canalys. That’s partly because the device fails to live up to the promise of a “smart speaker with a screen.” With the Echo Show as a reference point, the recently launched Lenovo Smart Display with