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1000 SEO Questions: Everything You Need to Discover Your Digital Marketing Genius

1000 SEO Challenge

Are you the type of person that sees “SEO” and just keeps scrolling? Most small business owners are intimidated by the topic. We get it. It’s an important part of your business. Not to mention, the modern marketing landscape builds SEO up to be this big, mystifying monster. Well, fear no more! We’re here to

On-site Improvements | Orlando SEO Done Right

Orlando SEO

In the quest for better search engine optimization (SEO), there are many improvements that need to be made. You’re going to become really familiar with keyword research, for instance. Internal and external linking is pretty important as well, as any Orlando SEO expert will tell you. But it would be unwise to forget the most important

Web Daytona: Digital Marketing Accepting Cryptocurrency

digital marketing agency accepts cryptocurrency

In business, if you’re not leading the way, you’re getting left behind. In other words, you’ve got to innovate, or fade into the background. And it’s with this in mind that we find the question of digital marketing accepting cryptocurrency on everyone’s mind. For nearly ten years, Web Daytona has dominated the digital marketing industry in Florida.

What’s Next in Digital Marketing in 2018 and Beyond?

The demand for video is higher than ever. In fact, 52% of marketing professionals across the globe feel that video is the type of content with the best ROI. With the younger demographic viewing video on a wider range of devices than ever before, 2018 will be an important year for brands to capitalize on video advertising to market

PayPerClick Marketing: Better Websites, One Click At A Time

Digital marketing can be a complicated process, as can payperclick marketing. Every company has different needs, and no two people Google things the same way, ever. Getting your name out into the digital jungle so that everyone can see it can be tricky. There’s no one single solution that will do the trick, and cutting

Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords.

Which Is Better for Local Business? No matter how much money you have in your budget for social media marketing, maximizing your advertising spend is your primary goal. Choosing the best channel to focus your marketing dollars can mean the difference between an effective campaign and a dismal return. Of course, the channel isn’t the

Landing Page Best Practices

The first rule of landing page best practices is this: they are a starting point to help you construct your best first attempt at a landing page. After that, you need to experiment and let the customers decide what they think is the best converting page for the job. 21 Quick Landing Page Tips Ensure

Go Mobile, or Good Luck!

How Google’s Mobile Algo Update Is Impacting Marketers On April 21, Google implemented an algorithm change that could grant “mobile-friendly” pages a higher ranking on mobile search engine results than pages not optimized for mobile devices. In the months leading up to the algorithm update, marketers were concerned about the possible negative impact it could