Marketing Day: Microsoft and Amazon assistants, Quora advertising updates, fake social accounts & more

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  Debra Mastaler is Features Editor at Search Engine Land. She is an internationally recognized authority on link building and is an OMCP Certified Link Building Trainer. Based in Washington DC, Debra is also a columnist for Search Engine Land, has written for or been featured in numerous tech publications and is active on the

Twitter Kills Off Third-Party App Features

  Twitter has restricted access to APIs, which effectively kills off certain key features in popular third-party apps. Most notably, third-party apps have lost the ability to deliver push notifications and refresh the timeline automatically. Unofficial Twitter apps can still send notifications to users, but they will now be delayed. In addition, refreshing the timeline

Who’s really winning the smart speaker market, Amazon or Google?

  Earlier this week, Strategy Analytics released its Q2 global smart speaker shipments report. The data showed Amazon still as the global market leader, but with Google gaining, followed by Alibaba, Apple, and others. That report said there had been just under 12 million units shipped in the quarter and that Amazon maintained a

Google clarifies it does capture location data after Location History is turned off

  Earlier this week, the AP reported that Google continues to collect user location data even when user Location History is turned off. In response, Google initially said that the company was being clear and not hiding anything or misleading consumers: “[W]e continue to use location to improve the Google experience when they do things like

12th Annual SEMPO State of Search Results Released

  SEMPO has released the results of its 12th annual State of Search marketing survey, with industry insights for both marketers and agencies. Findings from the survey reveal that marketers appear to be moving more in-house; particularly with organic search and organic social channels. Agencies, on the other hand, are shifting more to paid search

Communicating Search to the C-Suite: From Rank to Revenue

  If growth is indeed everyone’s job within an organization, then everyone needs to understand the importance of search marketing. No other discipline has delivered growth in such a profitable and sustainable manner over the past decade. Google handles more than 1.3 trillion searches each year, 51 percent of all traffic to websites comes via organic

12 Steps for Conducting a Successful Social Media Audit

  A social media audit is equivalent to a marketing health and wellness check-up. It’s an opportunity to proactively check the vitals, DNA, circulation, deficiencies, activity levels of your social media efforts. Auditing the performance and outcome of your social media marketing gives insights on how your brand compares to the size, weight, reach and

3 Factors You Must to Consider Before Exiting Your Digital Agency

  Have you ever considered selling your digital agency sometime in the future? If so, exiting a marketing agency is much like starting and growing any company – a complex venture that involves lots of moving pieces. Get most of them right, and you will be well on your way to Happyland. But the sad

Digitas report: Brand loyalty is at risk with voice-based purchases

  The base of the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker home of voice agent Alexa With projections that more than half of US homes will have a smart speaker within four years, marketers are strategizing about the best ways forward. A recent study by marketing agency Digitas addresses some ways in which brands can adapt

Report: Google continues to gain global smart speaker share

  Consistent with earlier data, Strategy Analytics reported that Google is gaining global share in the smart speaker market. It’s also reporting that the Chinese market is starting to be dominated by local brands, which is likely to continue. The company said in a press release that while Amazon continues to lead the market, its