How to Capture Useful Feedback on Your Website

Nearly all businesses monitor their online reputation on a consistent basis.  Social media, online tools, and PR firms are popular methods of gathering feedback, but your website can also provide valuable feedback about how to improve your business’s reputation, conversions, win loyal customers, and boost your ROI.  This article lists three ways businesses can collect

How To Create A Digital Marketing Team Structure

How To Create A Digital Marketing

We know creating the ideal digital marketing team structure can be confusing, daunting, and complex. Not to mention, the structure of your digital marketing team can make or break the performance of your company. But after tackling our internal hiring process, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is the importance of having an established team structure

T-Mobile whips out a new secret weapon for customer service: Humans

In a T-Mobile online video, actor Rainn Wilson demonstrates the value of human agents.

In a T-Mobile online video, actor Rainn Wilson demonstrates the value of human agents. It was only a matter of time before the oldest kind of customer service became the latest thing.   This week, telco T-Mobile is launching a new kind of intelligent customer service that counters the move toward better, smarter and AI-powered

Report says Google to launch own smart display in time for holidays

  Out of more than 50 million Alexa devices sold, fewer than 500,000 have been the Echo Show, according to Canalys. That’s partly because the device fails to live up to the promise of a “smart speaker with a screen.” With the Echo Show as a reference point, the recently launched Lenovo Smart Display with

Tweetbot & Twitterrific remove features no longer available as Twitter rolls out API updates

  Last December, Twitter announced it would be deprecating access for app developers to its site stream, user stream and some direct messaging features. Twitter’s API platform updates are rolling out this week, impacting the functionality of apps like Tweetbot and Twitterrific. Without the ability to connect to streams in real time, Twitter timelines displayed

LinkedIn set to launch redesigned Groups platform by end of August

  LinkedIn is building a new version of its Groups platform used by many social media managers and marketers and is set to launch it at the end of August. The company sent an email this week to Group managers outlining coming changes, along with functionalities that will be unavailable as they roll out the

The ultimate guide to using Bing Webmaster Tools – Part 3

  Today, I’m covering two sections of Bing Webmaster Tools, and both are very useful to anyone who wants to rank well on Bing. The two sections we will cover are: Diagnostics & Tools. Security. Diagnostics & Tools If you are interested in ranking well on Bing, this section will be particularly helpful, since this