Tree Service Marketing Case Study. In 2020, Web Daytona brought SB Tree Service to the top of its digital marketing game. This premier tree agency is well-known across both Volusia and Brevard Counties for a range of tree care services. From pruning and maintenance to removal, mulching, and stump grinding, they do it all. And their signature calling card? A spotless, immaculate property, and zero mess for the client to clean up.

All of which is exactly why we wanted to work with them. Because the worst thing you can do for a hardworking, valuable service provider like SB Tree Service is to let their marketing work go stale and keep the public from discovering them.

With SB Tree Service, our goal was to think laterally with their marketing. Digital marketing efforts like longterm SEO, PPC, and social media marketing are all important, and always will be. But we wanted to use our skills and resources in other ways, taking advantage of opportunities as they came up. Driving up their daily sales stats was going to depend on reaching their demographics in powerful, more effective ways.

Then Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana and Texas in late August. SB Tree Service responded immediately, sending out their brave tree service professionals to help home and office owners remove and mitigate the damages done by fallen trees. They responded immediately, and we were right there to back them up with comprehensive press releases designed for maximum reach.

By setting up a targeted release, specifically geared to SB Tree’s unique client base, we got the word out. And we saw results fast. Within 48 hours of arriving in Lake Charles, SB Tree Service had locked in two massive tree service projects. This service was obviously important to the home and business owners of the area, but extremely lucrative for SB Tree Service. Securing $38,000 from those two projects alone, the agency did impressive work over the next week, with tons of queries coming in from our press release.

In terms of tree service marketing, SB Tree Service is a solid case study into what’s possible with some hard work and lateral thinking. We’re proud to have set them up for solid search engine ranking in 2020.


search ranking

SB Tree Service enjoys top ranking on major search engines for several industry-crucial keywords, as a result of Web Daytona's SEO work.

Staying Competitive

keyword usage

Tree service is easily one of the most competitive industries in the state of Florida, and SB Tree Service is able to stand out among the competition because of our aggressive keyword research and content building.

SEO Metrics

  • Ranked Keywords
  • 414
  • Keywords in Top 10
  • 161
  • Domain Name Authority
  • 15

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SB Tree Service enjoys top ranking on major search engines for several industry-crucial keywords, as a result of Web Daytona's SEO work.

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