How To Boost Your Sales With TikTok

boost your sales with tiktok

If you’re wondering about the benefits of TikTok for boosting your business sales, there really are just two numbers you need to keep in mind. First, in 2018, nearly 1.8 billion people around the world made an online purchase. And, second, TikTok had 500 million registered users as of 2019.

TikTok is easily the most underutilized digital platform on the Internet right now. For e-commerce businesses, specifically, it’s an untapped market with thousands of opportunities for conversion, especially if you understand your niche. With people everywhere experiencing “marketing fatigue”, more and more people are turning to alternative entertainment to get their fix without being bombarded with ads. 

How can you use this to your advantage? What can you do to make these same people interested in your products, without coming across as desperate or predatory? In today’s article, we will break down what TikTok is, how it works, and how you can boost your e-commerce sales on the platform that’s quickly taking over the globe.

Ready to learn how to boost your sales with TikTok? Good – let’s get to it!

  1. TikTok: The History
  2. Who Stands To Win With TikTok?
  3. Boosting Sales With TikTok
  4. Keep Your Budget
  5. The Basics
  6. Find Your Audience
  7. Build Momentum

TikTok: The History

Before we start, here’s a fun fact: did you know TikTok was actually the second app of its sort released by production company, ByteDance? The year before its 2017 release, Douyin, a similar app, was released in China, where it ran on local servers and was heavily censored. 

Since its release, TikTok has been downloaded roughly 80 million times in the United States alone. In 2018, it overtook Facebook, YouTube and Instagram as the most downloaded app in the world, and has continued to grow in the years since.

Here are three quick TikTok facts:

  • The average TikTok user spends 52 minutes a day on this app.
  • TikTok is available in over 150 and in 75 languages.
  • More than 14,000 TikTok users in early 2019 were of adult age

Despite all that success, however, business owners are only starting to ask themselves how they can take advantage of it, now. And they’re having a little trouble figuring it out. Which is exactly why we’re here to shed a little light.

Who Stands To Win With TikTok?

There are two approaches to making money with TikTok. From a business owner’s perspective and an agency perspective. Business owners who want to promote their online stores and get to the point where they’re making actual sales. Marketers, who act as liaisons trying to help businesses, playing the role of the expert.

Nobody is a TikTok marketing expert right now. The platform is so new. Anybody out there who is genuinely crushing it is probably doing so by heavily immersing themselves in it. Or they’re putting a massively oversized budget into it so they can experiment and write off whatever they lose. There’s a learning curve, for sure.

Boost Your Sales With TikTok

As an agency, it’s pretty common to work with clients with limited budgets. There’s a lot of pressure to find opportunities to get that coveted ROI without having to pay for third-party platforms like Google AdWords, TikTok Advertising, and Snapchat Advertising. 

And these are strong platforms with a lot to offer. We use them literally every day. But budgets tend to hold people back, and you have to work with that.

Which brings us to our first point:

Keep Your Budget

With just a simple understanding of your niche market, some consistency, and a TikTok account, you can get your marketing done with next-to-no money spent. Of course, for best results and access to your actual metrics, a Pro account will be needed, but you can easily see great results just using the app properly.

TikTok is still relatively new and open to different types of content. With trends, niche marketing, and networking with like-minded TikTokers, you can do a lot with very little.

In terms of your returns, it can be easy to write off something new as “too much of a risk”, but that’s where proof of concept comes in handy. And we have proof of concept. 

Over the course of the last three weeks, Web Daytona has generated close to $10,000 in sales via TikTok. This is in addition to recording emails and driving traffic to our clients’ websites, all of which factor into our successes on TikTok.

The Basics

So, the big question: how do I use TikTok to boost my sales

Well, one good question deserves another. Are you coming into this process as a new business, or transferring over a verified account with a lot of momentum behind it? Are you an influencer, or someone with a small business, just trying to take advantage of a good thing? 

Getting the best results from TikTok starts with examining your motivations and abilities. Someone with a background in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms is more likely to know how and when to use hashtags, how to make a good impression with their fans, and how to create irresistible content.

This guide isn’t for those people. Sorry, everybody, but you’ve got what you need to succeed on TikTok. This is for someone just getting started out who doesn’t know how to weaponize their digital presence.

It starts with creating that great content. You need to pay attention to trends and contribute when and where you can. But it’s about more than that. You’re going to want to watch videos from your competitors and see what they’re doing in their best videos. Can you work in the same way without directly copying them? Even if you have to pay someone to help you out, getting content that gets views is important. Hire an Instagram model to pose with your product. Trade videos with influences and create videos choc-full of eye candy, well-placed music, and high-quality video. 

Like any other marketing, it’s just about knowing the fundamentals of what sells. TikTok, like Instagram, only gives you a little bit of time to make an impression. The quicker you can make it, the better.

The flipside to this is that it doesn’t take much time to make a video trend. If you have the right elements, you could make your video skyrocket in as little as a day or two. Over four days, Web Daytona generated almost 400,000 views off of just two videos by creating visually appealing content we knew would connect with our target audience. We did the research, found who we wanted to speak to, and spoke their language with our video. And it got results!

“Awesome! I just placed an order!” 

“Can’t wait for mine to come in the mail.”

This is your comments section when you put your products and services in front of people in ways they enjoy seeing. If you’re not using TikTok to market your business you are missing out. If you’ve never suggested using it to an agency client, you’re both missing out. 

Find Your Audience

There’s a common misconception that TikTok is only for teenagers and younger audiences. People think that, if you are a brand, you need to be trendy and young and “part of the scene” and, if you’re not, then TikTok just won’t work for you. People think their kids are hiding TikTok secrets from them. Marketers working within the alcohol or firearm industries could pitch TikTok to their clients, and expect a response like the following: 

“Well, isn’t it just for younger people? Kids and the like? How are these kids going to buy our product when they’re not even 21 yet? What is TikTok good for if you’re not dabbing or dating a YouTube influencer?”

As mentioned earlier, there are actually tons of adults using TikTok, right now. More than 14,000, in fact. From data pulled from our own campaigns, we were surprised to see activity from nearly a million users in age groups ranging from 40 through 60 years old.

Not sure your messages or approach are going to find good footing with your fans? Try creating a dummy account. There’s nothing wrong with using a “trial and error” TikTok account to post ideas you think will work, so you can confirm that they do work. With one of these in place, getting a bad response to your latest video isn’t as embarrassing or potentially damaging to your reputation.

Build Momentum

Keep the interactions going with polls. This is an easy but effective way to stay engaged with your audience and can even lead to better content from you in the future. Using polls, ask your TikTok followers questions about your content, the kinds of things they like, and their impressions on current affairs. Whatever you ask, look for ways to use the data in your ongoing content creation. You’ll be surprised by how effective it is. 

Follow your followers strategically, as well. When you get five new followers, take a few minutes to look at their profiles. Most of the time, what brings someone to your TikTok profile is a shared interest in your content. Find the people with profiles that match your business and make a connection. Reach out to them, directly. Be approachable and informative. Target people who have a likelihood of responding and are likely to respond well to your services. Unfollow profiles who aren’t likely to buy for any particular reason, from geographic to age and beyond.

Taking your interactions further, make sure to pay attention to the data portion of your account as you build your presence. During Web Daytona’s initial campaigns, we were able to pull so much information from the videos we were running that completely impacted the way we posted our next video. 

  • Which countries view your video?
  • What ages and gender of people are looking you up? 
  • When are people viewing your content? 
  • What days of the week? 
  • What other videos are your followers watching? 

As one final sidenote: refrain from using FYP for age-restricted or controversial items that might get flagged. These can be as legitimate as you like, but you have to be strategic unless you want to run the risk of being reported or just flat out ignored.

In the event that you do get banned (and believe us, it happens to everybody), don’t delete the video. These are early days and we’re all still learning what will and will not fly. But what we do know is that you will lose any likes and hits your video has already gotten if you delete it, which is the opposite of what you want. Just let it sit on your back end, with the “Banned” label and pretend like it doesn’t exist. You’ll be happy you did.

TikTok Is For Agencies and Businesses Alike

As an agency looking to offer more to their clients, there are infinite opportunities to grow, network, and boost your sales with TikTok. Businesses who aren’t eager to invest in a marketing agency’s services for budget reasons can keep their budgets low while making connections with potential clients around the world. 

Looking for more great insights into digital marketing in 2020? Check out some of our other great blog content, or get in touch to find out more about our digital marketing services.

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