5 Easy Split Tests Ideas That You Can Do Right Now

5 Easy Split Tests That You Can Do Right Now

Looking for a quick win? How about five of them? Often, running a landing page A/B test can take a lot of time and effort to execute. That’s time and effort that you as a small business owners don’t have. So we wanted to show you a few fast and easy tests that you can run right now and boost your conversion rate.

  1. Rewrite your headline
    Is your headline as powerful as it could be? Try rewriting it a few times. Chances are, you’ll come up with something that’s shorter, clearer, punchier, and more persuasive. Then, test it against your current one and see which one performs.
  2. Try different CTAs
    Your CTA buttons may be only a few words long, but those words are powerful. So, see what happens when you change them. For example, instead of “Register Now”, try “Save Your Spot”; or instead of “Subscribe”, try “Join The List”. The results may surprise you.
  3. Add social proof—or take it away
    Common marketing wisdom tells us that logos and testimonials add credibility to landing pages. But, what if your social proof is getting in the way of your product or service’s value? There’s only one way to find out—remove it and test it! You can also try testing longer or shorter testimonials, different logos, or changing their position on the page.
  4. Paragraphs vs. bullets
    You could probably speak at great length about all of your product’s amazing features and benefits. But your customers want that information sooner. See if your landing page has any copy that you can break into bullets so visitors see the value of your product or service sooner.
  5. Change your opt-in process
    The number of fields to fill out and buttons to click can have a huge impact on your conversion rate—but not always the way you think. Try testing a simple name/email form against a two-step opt-in process. Sometimes, the extra step can actually improve your conversion rate.

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