5 Digital Marketing Trends to Shape In 2020

The world of digital marketing has changed over the years. From the increasing implementation of AI technology in the marketing function to the rapid advancements being made in voice search and the rise of interactive Chabot, it is without a doubt that the digital marketing landscape has grown diversely.

However, staying ahead of the curve requires looking forward to what’s coming next and then taking the right steps to get your business where it needs to be. To give you more insight into the new digital marketing platforms, we’ve come up with the top five digital marketing trends for 2019 to help you shade the way your business operates.

  • AI for Better Audience Target

Artificial intelligence (AI) used among marketers will grow more in 2019.  This technology eliminates much of the guesswork involved with marketing. It’s at a level where it can help marketers produce accurate insights from the increasing amounts of big data they are dealing with.

It helps analyze large volumes of leads, identify common patterns, classify them into various groups based on their behavior and helps you create hyper-personalized content for them. AI helps marketers to understand better who are their target audiences and assist them in executing the right actions that will result in higher engagement rate for their campaigns.

AI can also generate custom targeting options to ensure more delivery that is accurate. Recent AI trends include using this technology for campaign optimization, product recommendations, as well as customer experience and support.

  • Voice Search will Increase

Voice search is one of the most advancing Digital Marketing trends today.  With Siri, Cortana, Google, Alexa, Bixby, and other voice-enabled smart devices presently in the mainstream, voice search will continue to grow in 2019. While this technology is unlikely to replace the traditional text-based search, voice search presents an opportunity for marketers to expand their existing market further.

50% of searches will be conducted using voice search by 2020 according to Google. Next year, more consumers will be performing an online search through verbally interacting with their devices, so marketers should be prepared for voice-activated search advertising as more discoveries, quests, and shopping through verbal interactions evolves.

The push for voice search will make traditional keyword research obsolete since user queries will be completely different when using voice search. It becomes increasingly vital for marketers to tag every video, image, and piece of content with appropriate Meta descriptions and alt-text. However, if your website isn’t voiced search-friendly by next year, you risk missing out on a lot of valuable leads.

  • High-Quality Content is Still Relevant

Content remains one of the top digital marketing solutions today despite all the changes in the marketing industry over the last year. Using content, especially user-generated content will be the best way to promote your business this year.  All you need to do is understand the consumers and what exactly they need and input the same into the content.

Consumers find content more authentic and believable. Content is the push factor to help increase your sales. According to a survey, 64% of customers read reviews for a particular product before opting to make purchases.

The content you’re posting, especially user-generated content should have more sense of belonging and able to elaborate your products and services efficiently than a content written on strict guidelines.  Besides, always focus on content that brings value to your customers, and think about how you can solve their problems and concerns with your content.

  • Chabot’s will Continue to Grow

Chatbots are expected to grow even further this year, and they are likely to become more regular in the eyes of consumers.  Businesses who want to stay ahead of the curve must develop chatbot in their plans. This technology helps brands to improve customer service by saving them time and money. It also screens issues before sending to human staffs. Chatbots make it much quicker for companies to find answers to technical questions than humans.

Utilizing the right chatbot can give you personalized, focused, and relevant interactions. Chatbots are relatively easy to implement; they make the difference between losing a customer and closing a quick sale. They use both verbal and text communication to interact with customers and can provide basic information and respond to basic consumer queries.

Marketers can use chatbots to start conversations with customers, address any concern they might have, and improve personalization in interactions. Companies can also integrate chatbot with fully automated front-end systems to perform product orders without any human input from the first contact to delivery.

  • Video Ads will Grow

Video Ads is still on the rise. It’s estimated that by 2019, video ads will account for 85 percent of total Internet traffic. In 2019, if your business hasn’t jumped on the video ads trend yet, you could be missing out on a sizeable audience. Think of your marketing areas that could benefit from video content.

Video ads have the potential of connecting you with customers in a more instant and meaningful way. Marketers can accelerate their video ads content by running video ads on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as working with third-party creative agencies to create video content. Using techniques such as Facebook SEO, and YouTube SEO will ensure that your video is visible to relevant audiences.

Besides, videos ads in emails and on landing pages have been shown to improve conversions and performance. Finally, you can also consider going live to give solutions to your clients or answer their questions and don’t be afraid of doing it.

In Summary

The future of digital marketing is bright. With the handful of the trends we discuss above, marketers will find it easier to be authentic and responsive to their customers’ needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, but by keeping these trends in mind when doing your 2019 marketing planning, you’ll be on the right track. Contact SEO Joel House Newcastle if you have any problems about how to get started with using these trends for your brand advantage.

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