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Online marketing encompasses a wide area of promotional and business marketing concerns. Understanding your requirements and choosing the correct technical tools for your needs is paramount to your online marketing success. Some of the main avenues and venues you need to consider are social media platforms, your current technology needs and the functionality of your website.

What Are Your Platforms?

Getting your message out to your preferred demographic is key to the exposure you are trying to cultivate. What are the ages, interests and professions of your desired clientele? Different online social media platforms attract different types of people. Facebook is the largest and still the most popular online platform across all ages, despite the emerging influence of social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and more such sites among young people.

Of all social media users, a whopping 68% are on Facebook, and users ages 18-29 are the largest group of Facebook users. All other groups are similar in percentages, regardless of age, income, education and gender. In order to best utilize these platforms, you can partner with a digital marketing agency, one which specializes in increasing your online presence and making it more effective.

What Tech Are You Using?

You may be subscribing to an online provider of managed IT support, or you may have an IT department that handles all your technical needs, including online marketing. The future of business is technology focused, and you need to be cognizant of the type of technology tools you are using and their effectiveness for your particular needs. If you are using a managed service, be sure that their services are aligned with your actual marketing goals. If you have an inhouse technical department, communicate your requirements clearly to them.

Website Design

Your website is only as useful to your clientele as it is easily navigable. Having a professional design your site is a good investment, and having a site that is easy on the eyes and possessed of useful information is a great way to promote your products and ideas. You can also have a website that is designed to track and analyze your users’ online behavior, which is an extremely useful marketing tool. An experienced and knowledgeable digital marketing agency can design a site that is useful for both you and your clients.

Your business is dependent on your customers. Using the correct tools to reach your core clientele is essential to growing and understanding your customer base. Make sure you have a clear business objective and that you are utilizing the right services to analyze, promote and implement your plan. Online marketing does not have to be mysterious, and you can achieve your goals when you concentrate on the essentials.

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