10 Must Have Shopify Apps For The 2020 Holiday Season

10 Must Have Shopify Apps For The 2020 Holiday Season

If you are looking to start a new Shopify store, these are the top ten apps worth exploring. 10 Must Have Shopify Apps To Plan and Execute Marketing Strategies For The 2020 Holiday Season and beyond.

Octane AI Quiz, Messenger, SMS

Use a Shop Quiz to personalize the shopping experience and drive up AOV & opt-ins Create buyer profiles to use across your marketing channels. Setup is easy, fully customizable, and no-code plus comes with detailed analytics.

SMSBump SMS + MMS Marketing

Build Your Subscribers List Build your TCPA/GDPR compliant subscribers list in no time using our pop ups, floating button, email invite, keywords, sharable links + more Smart SMS Automations Sell more with our pre-built SMS / MMS flows, including abandoned cart, customer winback, new order flow, product upsell, COD etc Highly Targeted SMS Campaigns Powerful enterprise grade segmentation for crafting your ultimate targeted SMS marketing lists.

Shoppable Instagram & UGC.

Make Instagram Shopping Easy. Your customers love your Instagram posts. Make it easy for them to shop your Instagram posts & UGC in the most relevant spots in your site. Use UGC Legally Illegal use of UGC is a problem many brands face. With Foursixty, request and secure the rights to UGC to ensure you’re using it legally. Ensure You Never Miss a Post Love your customers? Find key brand advocates, fans, and influencers and track their Instagram posting activity so you never miss a @post.

Junip Product Reviews

Convert more customers Share your customers story front & centre. Build trust with genuine, in-depth reviews that leverage photos, videos & custom questions. Junip onsite displays Forms icon GATHERING REVIEWS Capture more reviews Junip boasts an industry leading 10%+ submission rate on requests. Trailblazing emails & forms that get the most out of your customers. Junip forms Tools icon DASHBOARD Setup in minutes, not months Three steps, that’s all it takes to get started with Junip. We’re here to support you along the way.

Tone SMS Cart Recovery

Recover more checkouts Text messages recover 2x as many abandoned checkouts as emails. Replace rigid reminder emails with multi-touch conversations that actually solve the customer’s problem. Engage visitors with LiveText Convert 10% more of your traffic by giving people a number that they can text with questions.

Okiano Marketing Automation

Okiano helps online shop owners by automating, optimizing and simplifying the entire digital publishing process – our Marketing Automation is a sophisticated system based on advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies that manages paid digital marketing campaigns for eCommerce online stores. Our system tracks, monitors and adjusts keywords and ads, to match each to the right audience, and most importantly, manage costs to improve ROAS. ‑ Promo Video Maker

Videos That Convert With over 2M marketing videos already created, our award-winning video maker will help you make your own scroll-stopping videos. gives you everything you need to make high-performing videos that will boost your business.


Create simple rules Setup is easy. Let Calendly know your availability preferences and it’ll do the work for you. Share your link Share your Calendly links via email or embed it on your website. Schedule They pick a time and the event is added to your calendar.


Incentivize Purchasing Promote your store as having a reoccurring raffle. Customers will have the chance to receive a special reward after they purchase. Create Repeat Customers Raffle winners will be emailed and directed back to your shop with a discount code. Gamify Your Shop Create raffles with various rules to reward customers in different ways. Drive purchasing to certain products. Kickstart email leads.

UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Funnel

One Click Checkout Funnel One click upsell checkout enables easy purchasing. Also, you can show personalized recommendations to the customers via upsell funnels Bundle Offer Upsell Funnels Create Upsell funnel and boost AOV via Product wide bundle upsell, Quantity Breaks, Discounted Upsell, Frequently Bought Together Lightning Fast Tiny Script Ultra Lightweight script for Fast Loading. No Coding Needed. No theme modification. Upsell & Cross sell Funnels will be live instant

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